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See what fun things the Saltwater Crew has coming up for you to join in on!

What's Brewing at Saltwater Brewery

What's Brewing at Saltwater Brewery

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Today we are releasing our brand new Rum and Whiskey Maple Syrup Oak Barrel Barleywines! Our Head of Operations and Co-Founder Dustin Jeffers acquired one Rum Barrel and one Rye Whiskey Barrel from a maple syrup purveyor who had previously used these barrels to age their syrup. We aged our Barleywine in them for months and the result is phenomenal. Sweet, dessert-like with strong boozy characteristics make these two beers really something special. We will be spending Labor Day Weekend down in The Keys for the 7th annual Key West BrewFest! Join us at the Southernmost Point for beer, food and...

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What's Brewing at Saltwater

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Exciting news! Saltwater Brewery is now officially available throughout the entire state of Florida! Check your local PublixTotal WineABC LiquorsCrown Liquors and many more independent and local stores! You can also find our beer and see which distributor sells in your area by visiting the About page of our website.

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Join us this weekend in the Reef Room for our monthly Sunday Brunch! Featuring a customized brunch menu from Rolling Chefs Food Truck, paired with Saltwater special releases like Peanut Butter Cookie Stout! Brunch begins when we open at noon, and Live Music with Eric Ryan starts at 1pm. 


Lastly, here is a write-up from an awesome project we were involved in earlier this summer with RECOVER Consortium at the University of Miami (by Dan DiNicola, Outreach Team Coordinator):

This past June, a team of scientists from the RECOVER consortium at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric science set out on a three-day research cruise to satellite tag mahi-mahi off the coast of Miami. These scientists are investigating the impacts of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill on these economically and ecologically important fish. Co-Founder of Saltwater Brewery, Peter Agardy was able to join us in aiding the project on the fishing vessel helping catch and provide the live mahi to the research vessel. 

Lela Schlenker, the experiments lead scientist explained, “the pop-up satellite archival tags or PSATs will collect important temperature, depth, and migration data over 96 days." This information will provide her and the rest of the team with clues on how and where these fish travel. Notably, the tags will also collect acceleration data that will be used to determine if the fish are spawning when coupled with previous data of mahi-mahi tagged in captivity.

Mahi-mahi are a challenging species of fish to work with for a variety of reasons and to increase the survivability of the tagged fish, the team attempted something new. After the mahi-mahi were tagged, they were immediately moved into recovery tanks onboard the ship for 24 hours. This gave the researchers ample time to monitor their condition and ensure they were healthy enough to be released.

The researchers from RECOVER used the experience of local fishing charter the Miss Britt as well as local anglers – like Peter Agardy from Saltwater Brewery - to help with the capture and transfer process.

"It was a privilege to be invited to help with this project. Bringing my angling experience to the table in the name of science was a first for me and I really look forward to following the success of this awesome project run by a group of amazing people," said Peter Agardy.

After the three-day trip, nine mahi-mahi were successfully tagged and released. The RECOVER team will now have to wait until the tags automatically detach, float to the surface, and send the information back to the lab.

"We worked with Recover in the past on advocacy and education for their program, but we were elated to provide hands-on help and we look forward to helping more in the future." - Peter Agardy.

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What's Brewing at Saltwater Brewery

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Happy Thirsty Thursday! Come by today for our limited release Coffee Maple Milk Stout. We took our Flagship Milk Stout and aged it on coffee and maple syrup to create this delicious sweet and roasty version of an already amazing beer. Robust flavors and aromas dominate this limited release.

We're heading to Wynwood tomorrow for a Pub Crawl Pick Up with Debris Free Oceans! The crawl starts at 6 pm at Wynwood Brewing Company, then head towards Boxelder Craft Beer Market for a brew and a complimentary taco from Coyo Taco (picking up trash along the way). The crawl will end at the Bar at the Yard with a final beer from Saltwater Brewery and live music! 

We're wrapping up the weekend on Sunday with our monthly Salty Fun Run with Delray Beach Running Club. Runners start and end at the brewery...once they finish their 5k, receive a free tasting, along with plenty of other beer and food from Tucker Duke's food truck! See you there! 

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What's Brewing at Saltwater Brewery

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Last week, our team collaborated with the one and only Stone Brewing in San Diego, CA! This Honey Witbier was brewed with orange peel, and instead of coriander, we used citra hop in fermentation, and 100 pounds of real orange blossom honey — 50 pounds each from Florida and California. The point is that during fermentation Coriander gives off citronella (one of the flavor compound citra hop does).  Stone Brewing Liberty Station will be serving this on tap starting next month, and we hope to have a few kegs sent here to our Tasting Room soon! 

Come get Salty with us on Saturday with Live Music, Food Trucks, games and special releases! 

Food Trucks:
12pm-5pm "Troys BBQ"
6pm-11pm "Melted Madness"

Live Music:
7-10pm "The Hollidazed"

 Lifestyle photography by Coco Prop Shop of Saltwater Brewry in Delray Beach, FL.
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What's Brewing at Saltwater Brewery

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Say hello to Saltwater's newest toy...our Centrifuge! This baby cuts down our production time, meaning we can make more beer, faster, which helps keep the shelves stocked and customers like you happy! We use it in place of filtering, allowing for more aromas and clarity to come out, essentially making our beer higher quality and more pure. To learn more about how this futuristic piece of equipment works, check out this YouTube video.

Good luck to everyone wrapping up the last day of the two-day lobster mini season! Please practice your utmost responsible boater and water safety this week. Remember...beers AFTER you are finished in the water!

We hope to see you all this weekend in the Tasting Room for Salty Saturday and Sunday Brunch! Details below:

Salty Saturday
Food Truck Lunch 12-6pm: "Troys BBQ"
Food Truck Dinner 6-11pm: "Hurricane Bar and Grill Chowder Truck"
Live Music Set 7-10pm by Color the Ocean

Sunday Brunch
Yoga 10-11am: "Bend at the Brewery"
Food Truck Brunch 12-4pm: "Rolling Chefs" 
Live Music Set 1-4pm by Eric Ryan

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