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Here at Saltwater Brewery, we're always working to grow the business and improve everything - from the quality of our beer, to the experience our customers have when they come to the Tasting Room. You may have noticed a change specifically in the taste of our beer over the past few months, for the better, of course. 

We've revamped our brew team, officially designating Dustin Jeffers as Head Brewer starting in July 2015. Dustin has been with us from the beginning as a Co-Founder, and originally served under Bill Taylor, our previous Brewmaster. We could not have launched the brewery without Bill's help and years of experience, but to meet the demands and preferred taste of the South Florida market, jointly decided that Bill's departure and Dustin's promotion was the clear choice and right decision. 

The current brew team, managed by Dustin, is an awesome group with incredible talent. They have been running the show for the past 2-3 months and are responsible for launching our line of canned Screamin' Reels IPA. Just see what some of our customers have to say about the beer: 

 Facebook Reviews

Good to see people enjoying new canned Screamin’ Reels at ANY time of day:

Here are some great descriptions of the taste and style:

Some were even bold to say this: (What a compliment!)

While some beer on tap is still left over from the original brew team, we are working to refresh it as quickly as possible with updated recipes and brewing styles. 

In addition, we recently made a trip to the Quality Assurance / Quality Control Lab at Cigar City Brewing in Tampa. We worked with Jared, Jason and Andre to test everything from the dissolved oxygen of the beer, to the calories, and the International Bittering Units (IBU’s) of our Screamin' Reels IPA. We also got to test our water quality to understand how to manipulate the mash and water characteristics to better emphasize certain flavors in certain styles of beer. Exercises like these will only continue to improve our beer and give our customers the taste they love. 

Get to know our new brewing team! See their roles, photos and backgrounds below, but feel free to stop in anytime to chat with them or take a tour.

Dustin Jeffers, Head Brewer

Dustin is a Co-Founder and the Head Brewer at Saltwater Brewery. He helped launch the brewery in December 2013, and created both our inaugural base beers and treatment and flavor-added brews. Before founding Saltwater, Dustin home brewed for seven years. Dustin basically runs the brewing show and we don’t know where our beers would be without him. His favorite Saltwater Brewery beer? Sea Cow Milk Stout.

Morgan Pierce, Brewer

Morgan joined our team earlier this year, previously serving as head brewer at Funky Buddha Brewery and Lounge Boca Raton for two years. He is known for making delicious, unique and out-of-the-box beer ideas and recipes. His favorite Saltwater Brewery beer? Screamin’ Reels IPA.

Tyler Immell, Brewer

Tyler was a huge fan of Saltwater Brewery from the day we opened. He was a loyal customer and advocate of our beer for over a year, and spent four years home brewing, before we brought him on board. He now plays a huge part in making our beer! Tyler’s favorite Saltwater beer? Sea Cow Milk Stout.

Shawn Brick, Assistant Brewer/Cellerman

A Florida native, Shawn is a Navy Veteran who used to live in San Diego and got his start brewing at Amplified Aleworks in Pacific Beach. After spending a few years there, he came back to Florida and joined us at Saltwater in 2014. His favorite Saltwater Brewery beer? Screamin’ Reels IPA.


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