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Special Releases


-Bone-a-Fied Blonde (Belgian Style Blonde)

Our Belgian style Blonde pours a golden color from our blend of 4 malts used in this beer. The Belgian yeast gives this beer a fruity ester nose and a subtle clove spice finish. The subtle hop addition adds a rounded spice to the beer.



-Hazelnut Coffee Mayday

The base of this beer is our Imperial Cream Stout(Mayday) which starts with a sweet chocolate and slight roast nose. These characteristics continue with your first sip. Lactose sugar is added to the boil, giving this beer a sweet milky flavor that mellows the roast malt characteristic but brings out the chocolate flavors. Then we aged the beer on hazelnut coffee to create an amazing roasty Hazelnut Euphoria.

-Grapefruit Screamin’ Reels

The pine/earthy aroma and flavor of Screamin’ Reels is mellowed by the puréed grapefruit that we age this beer on. Grapefruit Screamin' Reels has a bigger fruit aroma, but still packs a punch of hop flavor. This is slightly sweeter than Screamin’ Reels and has a juicer citrus hop flavor to it.



-Coffee Sea Cow

The roast character of Sea Cow is amplified even more with the addition of coffee. To create the coffee aroma and flavor of the beer, we age Sea Cow locally roasted coffee. By aging the beer on the coffee we do not water down the beer so it keeps it’s mouth feel and body.



-Tides of the Reef Room

Tides of the Reef Room is our ever changing series of pale ales (low tide) and ipas (high tide). Each beer will highlight a certain hop, yeast, or treatment that will never be the same twice



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