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Meet our team! We have an awesome crew of hard-working beer enthusiasts. 


Chris Gove

President & Co-Founder
Start Date: Summer 2012
Originally from Delray Beach, FL 
Favorite Saltwater Beer: Screamin' Reels IPA
A Florida native, Chris grew up fishing, surfing and enjoying the ocean on a daily basis. In 2005, he went to college in San Diego, and while spending his time surfing and going to school, also fell in love with craft beer. It was at that time that he decided to combine his passion for the ocean with his love of beer, and moved back to Florida in 2012 to start Saltwater Brewery with the rest of the team.  


Dustin Jeffers

Head of Operations & Co-Founder
Start Date: Summer 2012
Originally from Mt. Laurel, NJ
Favorite Saltwater Beer: Bone-A-Fied Blonde
Dustin moved to Florida for graduate school at FAU for Speech-Language Pathology.  During that time he was homebrewing, graduated, and dropped everything to start the brewery like the rest of the guys. He is also a passionate barleywine lover.


Peter Agardy

Co-Founder & Artist
Start Date: Summer 2012
Originally from Delray Beach, FL
Favorite Saltwater Beer: The Black Current 
A highly talented wildlife and all around artist, Peter was instrumental in opening Saltwater Brewery. His art helped shape our brand and can be found on everything from the logo, to the artwork on every one of our canned beers.


Bo Eaton

Start Date: Summer 2012
Originally from Delray Beach, FL
Favorite Saltwater Beer: MAYDAY Imperial Chocolate Cream Porter
Bo was among the founding team of Saltwater Brewery. With a strong background in beer sales, he helped form our relationships with distributors and led our sales team, getting our beer placed in bars, restaurants and at liquor and grocery stores. 


Justin Rick

Head of Brewing
Start Date: July 2016
Originally from Denver, CO
Favorite Saltwater Beer: Tides of the Reef Room Batch #9
Justin moved all around the country his whole life, and since college, it's all been all about beer. He went to UC-Davis for brewing school, and shortly after, scored his first job at Stone Brewing in San Diego. He then moved to Wisconsin to work at Leinenkugel, and then to The Brooklyn Brewery for several years. In 2016, he moved to South Florida to join Saltwater Brewery. 



Scott Thompson

Head of Sales 
Start Date: December 2016
Originally from Quincy, MA 
Favorite Saltwater Beer: Screamin' Reels IPA
As Saltwater Brewery's Head of Sales, Scott's goal is to educate our consumers about the brewery and our great beers. He builds strong relationships with our distribution partners and has helped Saltwater’s craft business grow statewide.



Tyler Immell

Brewing & Packaging Master
Start Date: September 2014
Originally from Ohio 
Favorite Saltwater Beer: MAYDAY Imperial Chocolate Cream Porter 



Morgan Pierce

Brewer & Flavor Master
Start Date: March 2015
Originally from Boca Raton, FL
Morgan has a zoology degree from Colorado State University and was a paramedic/firefighter.  He started as a homebrewer, was the brewer at The Funky Buddha Lounge, and has been at Saltwater ever since.



Katelyn Gove

Social Media & PR
Start Date: September 2015
Originally from Park City, UT
Favorite Saltwater Beer: Passion Pit
Katelyn learned to love craft beer while living in San Diego and doing "R&D" for Saltwater Brewery with her now husband, Chris Gove. She started her career in PR, which soon turned into managing social media accounts for businesses.


Brittany Orr

Front of House Manager
Start Date: April 2014
Originally from Jupiter, FL 
Favorite Saltwater Beer: Passion Pit
Beach, Boats, and Beer! What more can a Florida girl ask for!



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